frequently asked questions

I'm interested in both voice & piano instruction, can I do both?

paisley icon Absolutely! A number of my students do exactly that - take both voice and piano lessons simultaneously.

If you're interested in this dual approach we'll schedule your lessons to run back-to-back and you'll find that both lesson types compliment one another.

What age-range do you teach?

paisley icon I am currently accepting students ages five through adulthood.

What ability levels do you teach?

paisley icon I teach students from beginner through advanced for both piano and voice. As long as students are at least five years old age is not a major consideration for either lesson type.

How long is a lesson and how much do they cost?

paisley icon Lessons are 30 minutes long and occur once per week. Lessons are $30 each.

How do I go about rescheduling my lesson?

paisley icon I prefer to know about any scheduling changes at the beginning of the month. The more notice that I have, the easier it will be to reschedule. Because each student has a set lesson time each week, I do not typically reschedule lessons. If, for some reason I am unable to attend your lesson, I will make accommodations for a lesson make-up. If a student is unable to attend his/her lesson, it is their responsibility to notify me at least 24 hours in advance.

The Pricing Page defines how your financial commitment to the studio is affected for rescheduling, missed lessons and late arrivals.

Can we meet you in person before lessons begin?

paisley icon Absolutely! I offer a free 30-minute consultation for anyone interested in piano or voice lessons. We'll review a number of considerations during this meeting and jointly decide whether to move forward with music instruction.

How do you schedule lesson times?

paisley icon My piano studio opens at 4:00pm Monday through Thursday evenings. Lesson times are in 30-minute time slots and are scheduled back to back. Students typically arrive five minutes before their lesson begins and prepare for their instruction time.

What do I do if I am going to be late to my lesson?

paisley icon Call me. Lessons are scheduled back-to-back so your lesson will still end at the 30-minute mark even if we begin late.

What payment arrangements do you accept?

paisley icon I accept credit or debit card payments made through using the Payment Page.

I'm interested in voice lessons, do I need to purchase hardware for voice instruction?

paisley icon No. However, some students purchase their own PA (public address) systems to simulate a stage-performance during their voice practice sessions. Students can and do become very adept at voice mastery without the need for PA equipment.

Why should I choose piano over any other instrument?

paisley icon The piano is a foundational instrument that will provide building blocks for other instruments. In piano lessons, we will learn how to read notated music, memorize finger positions, memorize key signatures, and learn musical terms that are universal for all instruments. Once these building blocks are in place mastering other instruments will be significantly less challenging.

The discipline that goes along with mastering the piano generally translates into to a valuable life skill that one can carry with them no matter what the endeavor.