Single Lesson

One 30 minute session costs $30 and sessions are scheduled to repeat weekly.


Lessons are paid for monthly, in their entirety and they are paid in advance via credit or debit card. Lessons are paid prior to the first lesson of the new month.

Occasionally there are more than four weeks in a month. In this case, your payment would be $125 instead of $100 for a typical month.

To pay for your lessons visit the Payment Page.

Your Purchase

You are paying for a reserved time-slot within my studio. It is my intent to provide either piano or voice instruction to students during this time slot. However, it is the student who ultimately decides how this time-slot will be used and they are responsible for maximizing the value of this purchase.

How Summer Vacation, Personal Vacations, Holidays, and Illnesses Affect Payment

Your payment schedule and total amount will remain the same for vacations, holidays and illnesses.

Since your payment is a time-slot reservation it is important for you to pay your bill in full and in a timely manner no matter whether you attend your session or not.

If I cancel a student’s session for personal reasons I will reschedule the session but your costs and payment schedule remain the same.

Late Arrival

The lesson will begin as soon as the student arrives but will end at its normally scheduled end-time. There is no cost prorating for late arrivals.

Late Payments

Two late payments, either individually or in succession will result in the forfeiture of your time slot and the end of our business relationship. “Two Chances” allows for late payments that are honest mistakes by parents of children and older students paying their own bills.

The studio as a business entity cannot support students who do not pay their bill.

The easiest way to think of your payment commitment is to remember that I do not negotiate or renegotiate payment amounts or payment schedules.

No Show

Students who skip their session are required to pay for the missed session. This is usually a precursor to the late-payment problem above. However, as long as the student’s payment status remains in good standing they are not required to attend their session.


I do not refund money for any reason including but not limited to student costs associated with lessons, materials, instruments, or other related expenses that may have been incurred.

*Lindsay Walker reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time with or without notice. There are no stated or implied guarantees that pricing will remain fixed.

**Lindsay Walker reserves the right to refuse the delivery of professional services to anyone, at any time regardless of their payment status.