my studio

My studio is a large part of your piano and voice experience. I've given careful consideration as to how this physical space is laid out and how it relates to the creative process we call music instruction.

I've designated a specific area within my home to facilitate our work and most people find it clean, comfortable and inviting. Seating is provided for parents of younger students wishing to observe lessons and monitor progress.

My studio is equipped with free wi-fi for parents needing internet access for work or pleasure during student lessons.


My studio is located approximately one mile west of historic downtown Wylie, Texas. It is easily accessible to residents of North Dallas and northeastern Metroplex suburbs.

my piano

I love my piano! I started my musical career on a small electronic keyboard. From there I graduated to a large, preowned and seasoned upright piano (it had a lot of character!). For the past sixteen years I've played my Young Chang and it has served me very well.

Your voice and piano instruction will be centered around this upright grand piano. The sound quality has improved over time; this is typically the case with most wood-based instruments.

specification description
Make: Young Chang (Manufactured in South Korea)
Model: PE131
Type: Vertical Professional Studio Grand Piano
Color: Polished Ebony
Line: Pro Artist
Depth: 24”
Width: 61”
Height: 52”
Weight: 528 lbs
Soundboard: AA Solid Sitka Spruce
young chang piano