Music as a Universal Language


Henry is a senior citizen and requires around-the-clock assisted living and medical care. He is alive in a technical sense but he has essentially 'stopped living' due to his age and medical condition. Watch Henry's transformation as he's introduced to an iPod.

Piano & Vocal Examples

Jonathan and Charlotte - Male and Female Vocals

Johnny and Charlotte's voice teacher thought it would be interesting if they experimented with singing together. Watch this astonishing audition to see the result of their collaboration.

The Piano Guys - Piano, Cello, and Male Background Vocal

A modern riff on a contemporary song using classical instruments.

Alicia Keys - Solo Female Piano and Vocal (12/12/12 Hurrican Sandy Relief Benefit)

Alicia's performance is both soulful and intimate. The venue is a sold-out Madison Square Garden with an estimated 2 billion worldwide viewers watching.

Mariah Carey - Female Vocal

Mariah is famous for her seven-octave vocal range. Pay attention to the beginning of the video where her high-register fades in before the verse starts. You may not initially recognize it as a human voice.

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